Here are some of the great endorsements from incredible NATIONAL Speakers for Tonya's book:


Fun… the book was just a joy to read. It was so easy to

understand and the whole time I was saying…“I could do that!

I recommend you pick up this copy and read it tonight!

Mike O'Neal,


Finally, someone speaks plain English on how to find new clients

and create connections. Being an introvert myself, I know how

hard it is to start a conversation with strangers...this helps!

Michele Scism, the Results Lady,


A must-have resource for anyone who is wanting to see past

the norm to new ideas and innovative approaches to

transforming their business and their personal growth!"

Patty Farmer,


A unique blend of information, stories and real life examples that

show you how you can have a real impact on the world by being

authentic, building the right relationships and implementing the

best strategies. Gets you ready to soar!

Dr. Minette Riordan, author of "From Fizzle to Sizzle: 4 Crucial

Tools for Relationship Repair", founder of


#1. Speechless! #2. Priceless!  #3. Powerful!  #4. Holy buckets your

a motivational rock star and last but not least!  #5.  Thank you!  I will reread,

share clips with others and I believe I have a deeper knowledge of changes that

I can make to improve!

Gina Marrs, Nerium Independent Representative


Also...  A Special big THANK YOU to:

Gene Vasconi...  the best publisher and friend anyone could ever ask for!


Kay Wright... for taking the time to read through the last fun editing cycle!


For my HUBBY... Michael... for being so supportive through the last 2 years!